Flat Stanley Meets Our School Community
Core Understandings
  • Understand the people and services offered in the school community.
  • Understand how they, the students, can make a difference in the school community.
Learning Objectives
  • Write brief journal entries describing what they learned during meetings with school representatives.
  • Create a mind map of the resources and services in the school.
  • Work collaboratively to generate school community-building ideas and present orally to class.
  • Participate in community-building activities at school.
California Content Standards

ELA-1.II.2.1. Write brief narratives (e.g., fictional, autobiographical) describing an experience.
History and Social Science
Grade One A Child's Place in Time and Space
HSS.1.5 Students describe the human characteristics of familiar places and the varied backgrounds of American citizens and residents in those places.
HSS.1.5.1. Recognize the ways in which they are all part of the same community, sharing principles, goals, and traditions despite their varied ancestry; the forms of diversity in their school and community; and the benefits and challenges of a diverse population.