Flat Stanley Meets Our School Community
How Can We Learn More About Our School Community?

Instructional Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes a day for 4 days each week for 2 weeks.

How can we research our school community? Take Flat Stanley on a field trip!
Explain to the students that they will be exploring important places and people in the school over the next two weeks. They will use a school map to find the places. This school map will be a simple, teacher created tool like the one below.

During these visits, students will take their Flat Stanley journal with them to take notes.

Teacher will have already prepared Flat Stanley templates and journal pages for the class as well as the
front cover and back cover for the journal.

Students will color and assemble their journals.

The actual visits:
Students will visit 1 to 2 people/places in their school community per day. They will need to listen carefully and ask questions as they work with the representatives in each of the places, because after each visit they will write a journal entry about what they learned (e.g., how and when resources can be used).

Teacher will post a large version of the simple school map and the locations that will be visited. Students use the maps to find daily locations (led by teacher), meet with representatives, ask questions, and return to class. Upon return, students should be given adequate time to write complete journal entries and draw pictures.

Studentsí Flat Stanley journal entries should include:
  • Three sentences per interview
  • Entries that stay on topic
  • Complete sentences (capital letters and punctuation)
  • Pictures that correlate with entries
  • Teacher should schedule visits with important people in advance and explain to them the purpose of the visit. This is a good time to invite them to the class presentation at the end of this inquiry project.
Method of Checking for Understanding:

Observations, Student Work, Written Reflection, Rubric/Checklist