Flat Stanley Meets Our School Community
How We Can Contribute to Our School Community? - The Presentation

Instructional Time: 2 hours


The Presentation:

  • Each group will have ten minutes to present and defend their findings to their classmates and invited guests (school representatives).
  • Students will refer to their Flat Stanley shaped posters and share their ideas and reasonings behind their suggestions.
  • Students should stay on topic, clearly explain ideas, speak clearly, and respect all class members during presentations (see Rubric-Oral Presentation).
  • Be sure to invite all of the school representatives that the class interviewed.

Method of Checking for Understanding:

Observations, Student Work, Oral Presentation Rubric/Checklist, Poster Presentation Rubric/Checklist

California Content Standards
History and Social Science
Grade One A Child's Place in Time and Space
HSS.1.5 Students describe the human characteristics of familiar places and the varied backgrounds of American citizens and residents in those places.
HSS.1.5.1. Recognize the ways in which they are all part of the same community, sharing principles, goals, and traditions despite their varied ancestry; the forms of diversity in their school and community; and the benefits and challenges of a diverse population.