Flat Stanley Meets Our School Community
How We Can Contribute to Our School Community? - The Presentation

Instructional Time: 2 hours


The Presentation:

  • Each group will have ten minutes to present and defend their findings to their classmates and invited guests (school representatives).
  • Students will refer to their Flat Stanley shaped posters and share their ideas and reasonings behind their suggestions.
  • Students should stay on topic, clearly explain ideas, speak clearly, and respect all class members during presentations (see Rubric-Oral Presentation).
  • Be sure to invite all of the school representatives that the class interviewed.

Method of Checking for Understanding:

Observations, Student Work, Oral Presentation Rubric/Checklist, Poster Presentation Rubric/Checklist

HSS.1.5.1. Recognize the ways in which they are all part of the same community, sharing principles, goals, and traditions despite their varied ancestry; the forms of diversity in their school and community; and the benefits and challenges of a diverse population.