Budgeting Around the World
After being dropped off with only the clothing on your back, how can you make your money last?

This project is engaging, meaningful, common core related, and promotes 21st-century learning skills.  When students understand how to budget, use money, and convert currency. Additionally, they will acquire financial literacy possibly without even knowing it.  Who knows?  Some of them might even plan a trip they might actually take.

MA.6.1.4. Calculate given percentages of quantities and solve problems involving discounts at sales, interest earned, and tips.
Algebra and Functions
MA.6.1.0 Students write verbal expressions and sentences as algebraic expressions and equations; they evaluate algebraic expressions, solve simple linear equations, and graph and interpret their results:
MA.6.1.2. Write and evaluate an algebraic expression for a given situation, using up to three variables.
Mathematical Reasoning
MA.6.1.0 Students make decisions about how to approach problems:
MA.6.1.1. Analyze problems by identifying relationships, distinguishing relevant from irrelevant information, identifying missing information, sequencing and prioritizing information, and observing patterns.