Budgeting Around the World
After being dropped off with only the clothing on your back, how can you make your money last?
Thematic Planning Chart

Thematic Planning Chart

Culminating Events/Products
Day One
  • Factor exchange rate for your currency.
  • Find a place to stay.
    • Where will you stay? 
    • Is this location close to where you would like to go?
    • Does the place offer any discounts?
    • http://www.tripadvisor.com/
  • Find out what you will eat.
    • Does the hotel or hostel offer any meals included? 
    • Do any places offer any discounts on meals?
    • Are there any convienent stores or grocers around and about how much is food?
    • http://www.tripadvisor.com/
  • List all prices in U.S. Dollars and in the foreign currency. 
Day Two
  • Come up with a list of activities you want to do.
    • Does the activity cost anything to get in?
    • Do they have free days?
      • Many museums and public buildings have free days. 
    • Do they offer any discounts or deals?
Day Three
Day Four
  • Place all information in a visual format and make sure you include your findings in your visuals.
Day Five
  • Present your findings to the class and give a presentation.
    • Where are you going?
    • What is significant about your budget?
    • Where will you go?
    • Where and what kinds of food will you eat?
    • How will you travel around?
    • How much did you spend total?
    • How much, if any, do you have left? 

Brainstorm ways that your project will integrate multiple curricular areas.
  1. Students form groups and assess their budget
  2. Students Assess their Roles in Group Activities
  3. Students List Activities of Interest
  4. Factor Exchange Rate
  5. Students Research Living Accommodations
  6. Students Assess Costs (Including Tax)
  7. Students Create Portfolios
  8. Presentations of Student Work  
  1. Students use a variety of media to display work 
  2. Students demonstrate critical thinking and research skills to evaluate and acquire information.