25 Questions Along the Tea Road (Revised)
How does your life compare to others along the Tea Road? And how has life changed along this road?
Questions & Topics
25 questions to teens and people along the tea road
1.    Describe your family life. Include information about the number of kids in your family, do you live with your extended family?
2.    What chores and responsibilities do you have in your family?
3.    Describe your daily routines.
4.    Describe the food you regularly eat?
5.    Who are the leaders in your community and how do they make rules?
6.    What do you have, want and need?
7.    Describe your school experience.
8.    Describe your housing and others in your community.
9.    Describe other buildings in your community.
10.    What languages do you speak and what languages are spoken in your community?
11.    What technology do you have and use regularly?
12.    What type of transportation do you use regularly?
13.    Name and describe celebrations you and your family participate in
14.    What is important to you and what do you value?
15.    What jobs do you and your family members have and or want to have in the future?
16.    What are popular products produced and traded in your in your culture?
17.    What type of money do you use in your country?
18.    Show and explain examples of local art and architecture.
19.    Describe/show your dress/clothing.
20.    Describe, show and give examples of pop(ular) culture in community.  This could include music, entertainment, fashion, film, mass media, etc...
21.    What is your view of America/describe typical American/Californians?
22.    Who passes down the culture in you community?
23.    Describe the geography of your community and country. Please include land and water features.
24.    Describe the climates in your community.
25.    What significant historical event(s) within the last 5 years in the world?
a.    in your country?
b.    in your family?