Researching Famous Artists
Who is your favorite artist?
Picking an Artist
Objective of this Research

You are to pick one famous artist (painter, sculptor, photographer) and write a research paper on that artist. You will not only research their biography but also their works of art and pick one artwork that artist made that you will duplicate as part of this project. You will also give an oral report to our class on your famous artist and their work.


1. Select at least three famous artists that you would like to do your project on because you may not get your first choice.  Everyone in the class will be doing a different artist therefore you must have a couple of selections in case your artist is selected before your turn.  We will conduct a lottery in class where you will be given and number and then numbers will be selected randomly and when your number is called you get to pick your artist, therefore someone might get your first choice before you so you must have a couple of options.  The reason for this is we donít want more than one student researching the same artist.

2. You are to use 2 book resources and any other resources you want (Internet site above or others you find yourself, magazines or news articles)

3. Your paper will be 2-3 pages Helvetica or Times Roman, 12 point.

4. Include a cover page with your name, date, assignment and creative title for your paper. You can also include images of your artist's work on this cover page.