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Edward Hopper
Say Cheese, Edward Hopper
By Chandri

Edward Hopper painting recreated by Chandri

Part I

  Edward Hopper was born on July 22, 1882, in Nyack, New York. He was the second child of Elizabeth Griffiths Smith and Garrett Henry Hopper. He has an older sister named Marion. He was from a middle class family. His parents encouraged him to take part in art and theater. He was sent to local private schools and as a student Hopper was very humorous. He would play practical jokes on his student friends and sketch cartoons.

  Hopper graduated from Nyack High School in 1899. He wanted to become an artist, thus he joined New York School of Art, which is best known as the Chase School in 1900. He really wanted to make his artwork look real with shape and color, Hopper really like to paint sunlight by a house.

  For several years, Edward was a commercial artist, but he still painted and sold small works to tourists. Also he sold them to minor publications, but few critics talked nice about his work.

  At Hopper’s first summer at Gloucester, MA, his classmates told him to enter his paintings to the Brooklyn Museum. Then the museum wanted to have one of his paintings, which is called The Mansard Roof for 100 dollars. He made more and more paintings all along this time. Most of his paintings went to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Des Moines Art center in Iowa and the Art Institute of Chicago Museum.

  During his time, the art movements were Abstract Cubism, Idealism and Realism. He actually influenced a lot of people with his art. But what really surprised me was that he also influenced a Japanese animation called Texhnolyze.

  Edward was very intellectual. As a youth, he read a lot of books from his father’s library, “the English Classics and a lot of French and Russian translations.” Some of his very favorites were poetry, fiction and philosophy. He liked the works of the writers like Robert Frost, E.B. White, Paul Verlaine and many more. He took a lot of interest in both American and European cultures. Painting for Hopper was a very private experience and mainly reflected his own psyche. Hopper believed that an artist should respond naturally to his own heritage and experience.

  Hopper was very romantic and sentimental about his youth. He was very close to his wife Josephine, who he married in 1923. He shared with her his wit and intellectual sophistication. Before marriage, he would design Christmas cards and write notes in French for Josephine. Since she was also a pointer, their relationship was very complicated. Hopper would communicate with his wife through caricatures he drew to make his point. They did not have any children. They lived very modestly and had to face a lot of financial struggles. In his later years even though he was financially successful, he still chose to lice in an apartment building.

  Edward died on May 15, 1967, near Washington Square, New York City, leaving behind his wife who passed away ten months later.  They are both buried side by side in Nyack Oak Hill Cemetery in New York.

Part II

  I think that Hopper always had a mind of his own. He had a way of expressing his feelings through paint.  A lot of people like his paintings and some don’t, but I like his paintings. They have a lot of meaning and they are definitely realistic. I could connect with his paintings about how he feels about the world. I also kind of admire the way he thinks. But the Hopper paintings I don’t like are the nude ones.

  When you look at his paintings, it might seem you are looking in the past. How everything’s was like back then and you can see that in his paintings. As an artist, I think he did pretty well during his lifetime. I think he got a very good education to become an artist. His most expensive painting was Early Sunday Morning. His paintings are work about 2.1 million dollars today.