4-5 and 6-7-8 Library/Media Center
We're sharing while we construct a new portal!
Welcome to the Media Center!

Library/Media Center  Webpages for grades 4-5 and temporarily 6-7-8

We now have 6-7-8 added to Bay Farm School and we will be developing together a special portal for their use.


We are currently constructiong the new portal for 6-7-8 so right now you will see activities

and assignments shared here while the portal is being constructed.

Here you will find books to read, videos, podcasts, online links, WebTools, activities and assignments to do both during and after school. We hope that you will enjoy and extend reading and learning 24/7 beyond the school day!

You’ll also see content and projects  we create and publish as we learn together through the year!

Be sure to comment along the way! Whenever you see a comment box you can leave your responses to the activities or videos on the page and let us all know what you think about what you have seen and heard!

Have fun and Happy Reading!

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