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Happy Reading!
Comments from students

By Peri      February 14, 2011 -- 07:56 AM
I am in love with reading your books!!!! It has brought a lot of joy in life to me.

By danny room203      January 4, 2011 -- 06:05 PM
i like the books

By Alyssa Kuang      March 30, 2010 -- 07:37 PM
I like all of your books its so awsome and fun to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Emily L. Room 200      December 12, 2009 -- 11:53 AM
I like YOUR books So much i wish I can have media center EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And I Also I Really LIKE YOUR BOOKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Ashley Chu      October 11, 2009 -- 08:32 PM
I think books are fun to read! I wonder how many books are in the library?

By Giselle      September 17, 2009 -- 08:29 PM
Having American Girl books are great because I have the doll.

By Jack L. Vinall      April 3, 2009 -- 09:11 PM
I love Captain Underpants!

By Terrence Li 204      March 6, 2009 -- 05:35 PM
I love your Judy Blume books. I didn't know you had them, but when I was wandering around the library. I found Judy Blume. I loved the books!!!!!!

By gabbyg. room P05      December 29, 2008 -- 11:46 AM
i like your books.

By Lauren Tan      November 21, 2008 -- 05:48 PM
Reading is AWESOME,GREAT and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Brandon      November 10, 2008 -- 04:38 PM
The books in the library is really cool i just wish there were more books that i can read at my age (7)

By Brandon      November 10, 2008 -- 04:32 PM
I think your Books are Cool.

By gabby g.      October 25, 2008 -- 03:01 PM
I think your books are great!!!

By Morgan Devlin      October 17, 2008 -- 05:53 PM
I think your books are really good.

By Samantha Room 200      October 9, 2008 -- 07:02 PM
hey I like your books.

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