Who's got the subjunctive down now?
Subjunctive vs Indicative
Rubric for Subjunctive vs. Indicative Lesson

   4 3
Reasons for the use of the subjunctive  Comprehensive list of reasons for use of subjunctive and indicative. Subject knowledge is excellent. List has some reasons for the use of the two verb tenses but not comprehensive.  Subject knowledge appears to be good. List includes essential reasons and list is limited to 1-2 factors. List is minimal OR there are incongruent errors.
Presentation Organization Language is fluid and subjunctive sentences and conjunctions are included to tie together ideas well. Language is ok, understandable but there are some awkward sentences. Language and tense is not very clear, but there was a good intent. There was no clear or logical organizational structure in the conversation.
 Sentence Structure and Grammar No misuse of verb tenses studied thus far. One or two misuses of the tenses, but was quick to correct. Three to four misuses and confusion of use. More than four misuses and/or grammatical errors and lack of interest.
 Overall Presentation Well-rehearsed with smooth delivery. Rehearsed with fairly smooth delivery. Delivery not so smooth. Delivery not smooth at all.