Short on materials?

Itís always great to have a little extra support and a little extra money canít hurt either, here is some great news from the Italian Cultural Society Website:


Northern and Central California, Sacramento, Stockton, San Francisco and Bay Area Schools can offer their students the opportunity to study Italian.


Thanks, in part, to a contribution from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) more children in Northern California, the Central Valley and the entire San Francisco Bay Area have the opportunity to study Italian. The Italian Cultural Society and the Italian Consulate in San Francisco are working together to encourage the study of Italian in the United States.


Directors Patrizia Cinquini and Tonia Prencipe administer this incentive funding program for elementary Italian instruction in California schools for children from preschool to ninth grade. All schools within this very large region are strongly encouraged to apply for incentive funding and give students the opportunity to learn Italian.


There are so many important reasons to teach a second language in the early years of a childís life, and Italian is arguably the easiest language for children to learn. This incentive funding allows schools a unique opportunity to provide their students with the benefits to learning Italian.


Italian Cultural Society