Commenting on Your VoiceThread

The next step is to add a comment to your VoiceThread.  Click on "Comment" at the bottom of the window.  At this time, a larger version of your uploaded image will appear and you will be prompted to upload a picture to represent yourself.  If you upload a picture at this time, it will represent you when you comment on a VoiceThread.  If you choose to do it later, VoiceThread will default to a symbol that will represent you.  In the example below, VoiceThread has defaulted to a picture as seen in the lower left.  In the example further down, VoiceThread has defaulted to a chess piece. 


Before proceeding with any commentary, right click on the image on your VoiceThread to make sure your settings are appropriate for any video or microphone you may be using when leaving commentary.  As you see in the illustration below, there are 5 icons to the left of the "Close" button.  They represent in order from left to right: Display - Privacy - Local Storage - Microphone - Camera.  The important icons for leaving commentary are the Privacy, Microphone, and Camera icons.

You will want VoiceThread to access your camera and microphone if leaving comments via camera or microphone alone, so when in the Privacy window, click "Allow" and then proceed to make sure your settings are appropriate for the Microphone and Camera by clicking on their respective icons and choosing the appropriate settings.

Now experiment with the different commenting modes offered by VoiceThread.  Comments can be entered in one of 5 ways and will be noted at the bottom of your screen when you click on "comment".  You will see the following selections:

a) Telephone symbol: Use your telephone to upload a comment.  When you click on this symbol, you will be prompted to enter your phone number.  After entering, you will be called and prompted to comment.

b) Camera symbol: Use your webcam to make a comment.  After selecting the appropriate camera and microphone settings as described above, click the camera symbol and you will see a bubble in the upper left of the screen where your image should appear.  There will be a countdown from 3 before recording begins and you will be asked to save when done.

c) Microphone symbol: Use your microphone to make a comment.  After selecting the appropriate microphone settings as described above, you may record a comment using either an external or internal microphone.  You will be prompted to begin talking and to click when your comment is complete.

d) "A" type symbol: Use your keyboard to make a comment.  Click on the "A" type symbol and use your keyboard to enter a comment. The comment will appear in the bubble that is attached to the icon.  Click "save" when you have finished entering your comment.

e) Upward arrow symbol: Upload an audio comment.  The capability to upload an audio comment requires that you pay for that service.  Upload files from Audacity, GarageBand, or other sources.  To find out more, click on this symbol and you will be given instructions on how to gain access to this capability.