Sheep in a Jeep
Exploring Force & Motion
During this stage of the project students begin to explore the concepts of force and motion following the directions from the Checkpoint Lab (pgs. 190-196 from Chapter 14). At the completion of each part of the lab there is a box that students must get their teacher to sign off on their work. This gives the teacher an opportunity to evaluate the work.

Students were divided into teams, informed about the checkpoint and assigned their tasks. (slides 7-10)

Special Note:
    For our investigation I was unable to find sheep or jeeps to use so we used pickup trucks purchased at the dollar store and plastic frogs that used to belong to my son.
    The ramps were made out of leftover 4 x 8  white paneling that my husband has previously cut into small rectangles for my students to use as white boards.
    When my students got to part C of the lab the surface was to be changed. We used the tiled hallway to represent the smooth surface and then instead of sandpaper for the rough surface we used the rough concrete just outside our classroom.