The Monarch Butterfly WebQuest
What type of environment would you need to keep Monarch butterflies safe and healthy while they are in your care?
1. Activity:
You are a Scientist and you have to study the four parts in the life cycle of this special insect.

First: Examine the Butterfly Eggs.

Second: Examine the Caterpillar or Larva Stage.

Third: Check out the Chrysalis or Pupa Stage.

Fourth: Look at the last stage in the Life Cycle, the Metamorphosis -- the major change in shape.
 2. Title of Activity:
Area Two -- Scientist
 3. Standards Aligned:
Information Literacy Standards (American Library Association)
Standard 1. The student who is information literate accesses information efficiently and effectively.
Indicator 1.1. Knows library procedures for circulation and care of resources and equipment.
Indicator 1.4. Knows how to use library book classification systems.

National Science Content Standards
Grades K-4
Standard C - Life Science
K-4.C.2. Life cycles of organisms.
K-4.C.3. Organisms and their environments.

 4. Check for Understanding:
Method(s) of Assessment:
Student Work
 5. Resources:
  Resource Type Requirements File
1. Butterfly Eggs Web Site
2. Caterpillar or Larva Stage Web Site
3. Chrysalis or Pupa Stage Web Site
4. Life Cycle, the Metamorphosis Web Site
 6. Time for Activity
2 hours a day for 1 day