The Monarch Butterfly WebQuest
What type of environment would you need to keep Monarch butterflies safe and healthy while they are in your care?
Areas One, Two, and Three Collaboration
1. Activity:
As part of your group as Researcher, Scientist, and Dietician, work together using the information you collected to complete the:

Life Cycle Diagram
Butterfly Anatomy and
Life Cycle Cloze Activity
 2. Title of Activity:
Life Cycle and Anatomy
 3. Standards Aligned:
NETS-S (National Educational Technology Standards for Students)
I. Basic Operations and Concepts
I.2. Use a variety of media and technology resources for directed and independent learning activities.

National Science Content Standards
Grades K-4
Standard C - Life Science
K-4.C.1. The characteristics of organisms.
K-4.C.2. Life cycles of organisms.

 4. Check for Understanding:
Method(s) of Assessment:
Student Work
Evidence of Learning
 5. Resources:
  Resource Type Requirements File
1. Life Cycle Diagram Web Site
2. Butterfly Anatomy / Life Cycle Activity Web Site
 6. Time for Activity
2 hours a day for 1 day