The Monarch Butterfly WebQuest
What type of environment would you need to keep Monarch butterflies safe and healthy while they are in your care?
Physical Diagram and Written Description
 1. Activity:
Draw an illustration of a complete butterfly garden for the new arrivals of Monarch Butterflies.
Draw a place for each of the stages in the life cycle of a butterfly.

Write a paragraph that explains what you did to prepare for the shipment of Monarchs.

You have a choice of how to begin your paragraph:
"In our Monarch Butterfly Garden we have..." or
"When the Monarchs arrived at the gate, we...
 2. Title of Activity:
Final Project
 3. Standards Aligned:
Information Literacy Standards (American Library Association)
Standard 3. The student who is information literate uses information accurately and creatively.
Indicator 3.2. Composes and revises drafts.
Indicator 3.3. Communicates and synthesizes ideas in logical and creative or novel ways.

 4. Check for Understanding:
Method(s) of Assessment:
Student Work
Evidence of Learning
 5. Resources:
There are currently no required resources entered for this activity.
 6. Time for Activity
3 hours a day for 2 days