LoParrino's digital portfolio -- A Retired NYC DoE Educator of the Highest Caliber
(White Cottongrass, West Greenland by HenningThing)

By Russ Knopp      May 30, 2009 -- 01:39 PM
With a smile on my face, I am writing "I am not buying the 'newbie' notion." :-) Further, if this portfolio reflects you (the person) and you (the educator) as I believe it does, you can be pleased with your experience, background, and learning. Based on what I saw as I visited each site to which I was led by all the links, it is obvious you are reading to help students and others learn using technology. The only thing I didn't see (Perhaps I missed it, although it was there.) was sample projects created by students. Best wishes as you continue learn, create, and collaborate. Isn't technology fun?

By Silvia      May 27, 2009 -- 08:28 AM
This is great Camille. I see your Fordham prep is paying off. You have a ton of talent to offer - too bad the DOE doesn't see it.

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