Migration Mysteries: Shorebirds
Why do shorebirds migrate? How far do they go? Where do they travel to? Why?
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Please visit our Project Web Page at:http://www.lksd.org/user/andrea/migrate/Migration_Mysteries to learn more about our project and find background information on shorebird ecology.
The Shorebird Sister School Project has many resources and tools for collaborating too.

I like to start this project by having the students watch the entire Nature Video called, Crash: A Tale of Two Species. I have it on DVD, but you can stream it off of the Crash: A Tale of Two Cities web site.
You may also want to incorporate the lesson plans they have linked at this site or I have developed my own video questions. I have the students take notes on these as we watch the video.

Crash: A Tale of Two Cities video questions.

Contact Andrea if you would like to set up a video conference sharing student with other Ecology students.

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