Mrs. Hazelwood
Study Skills



Welcome to Study Skills Class. This class is for 9-12th grade students that are on an IEP (Individual Education Plan). It is designed to assist/support students with their regular classroom assignments as well as work on specific goals and objectives as outlined in their IEP. Support for regular classes may come in the form of re-teaching, assistance with assignments, or test taking. Students are expected to use their study skills class time for accessing help where needed, completing assignments, studying for tests, and working on IEP goals and objectives.




Grading is explained on a separate Study Skills rubric. You will be given 10 points each day for the categories listed. There are possible bonus points that might be awarded at teacher discretion, if you are redirected three times during class, you will be given an automatic Time to Teach Refocus.


IEP Goals and Objectives:


All students in Study Skills classes have goals and objectives on their IEP that need to be addressed. In addition to working on these goals and objectives through the general curriculum, students will spend time working on them in the Study Skills class. The first 30 minutes of the extended periods (block periods) will be spent on working toward IEP goals and objectives.