ABC Learn With Me
A Resource for Early Learning

By Dr. Cynthia Chandler, Professor EDT 600A      April 7, 2010 -- 10:10 PM
Your peers have confirmed that your project is extremely well-done and very useful.
Enjoy your website with your family!

By Nola Montgomery      March 28, 2010 -- 11:55 AM
Great Job. As a fellow teacher and grandmother of a pre-schooler I believe you have created something that will be a wonderful resource for anyone involved with young children. Keep up the good work.

By Kathy Tollman      March 27, 2010 -- 04:19 PM
Hi Jessica,

Really nice job on your website. You are very creative. The artwork you chose is lovely for the feel of your website and I like the layout - it's easy to navigate and understand. I especially like the interactivity you included for the audience. I think the comment sections and surveys offer your adience a lot of reason to keep coming back to view new content. The links are well placed as reminders to continue to view the content on previous pages. Well done!


By Antonio Paiz      March 27, 2010 -- 03:46 PM
As a fellow educator, I can honestly say that you have done a wonderful job with your project. It does make a lot of sense for the audience you have targeted. You are very creative and have put together an interactive, informative and very useful project. Early learning is an area in education that is at times not provided with sufficient resources which can become another tool for teachers to use. I think that you have accomplished that and have also made it a great tool for parents as well.

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