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Learning with Technology
Technology for young children tends to be a controversial subject. We all know parents who donít allow any "screen time" for their children, those who ration out television or computer privileges like candy, or others who will allow their child to watch only certain educational programs. Certainly, overexposure to anything can have a negative affect on your preschooler, but the truth is that technology can be a useful tool in helping our children to learn. Not only this, but it will be essential for them to know how to use certain technologies in school and in their adult lives.

Educators know that a childís background knowledge and ability to make connections to their reading helps in building comprehension. As parents, we can use technology to build our childís background knowledge and to help them in making connections. We may not be able to take our child into the jungle to show them what a real sloth looks like, but we can pull one up on the internet in an instant. Additionally, a favorite story character doesnít have to stay on the page in a book. Many popular books can be found on the internet, in video, or on television to make that character come to life and give your child just one more way to connect with reading. 

There is a wealth of technology available to build literacy skills and support early learning. The key is to remember that most learning during the preschool years happens through interactions with an adult.  Technology can be an excellent tool for learning, but children will gain the most if we use technology in a way that enables interaction to facilitate learning.

Below you will find what some "experts" have to say about children and technology.

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