Earth Day 2017
What will you do to save the Earth?
Let's Go to Eekoworld




In honor of Earth Day, this site was developed to monitor participation and responses while students complete activities at "eekoworld," instead of using paper and pencil response sheets for the our Media Center assignment for grade levels 1-5.

Have fun while learning important ways to save our resources at "Eekoworld" developed by PBS.      
Use this website to record what you learn and what you plan to do to make a difference in our world as a result of experiencing ’eekoworld."       

By Daniel      April 25, 2014 -- 01:31 PM

I am going to use water bottles that I can reuse and not waste water.

By Dana Carlson      April 23, 2013 -- 07:08 PM
Everything in eko world is AWESOME.

By Sadie R.      June 2, 2012 -- 09:17 AM
Eeko world is amazing because it is fun and it helps you learn about the earth.

By dayonne johnson      April 25, 2012 -- 07:21 AM
turn off the lights when you leave the house.

By natalee      April 19, 2012 -- 02:43 PM

I LOVE earthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Kyle Edison      April 18, 2012 -- 06:02 PM
I like Ekoworld because it is fun and you can learn facts about saving the earth.

By Mikah F.      April 17, 2012 -- 02:44 PM

Eekoworld is not only super fun, but also educational!

By Kyle W.      April 17, 2012 -- 02:42 PM
Eekoworld is a great program that kids like to use while also helping them learn and help us protect our planet.

By Justin Ho      April 17, 2012 -- 11:42 AM
I think Eekoworld is awsome!! I learned to help the earth having lots and lots of fun.

By alex h      April 17, 2012 -- 11:35 AM
eko world is great

By Katia Pokotylo      April 20, 2011 -- 06:51 PM
Eekoworld is awesome!! I learned a lot in just 30 minutes!

By Terrence Li P10      April 26, 2010 -- 01:35 PM
Eekoworld is a great place to learn to help our precious earth go green.

By Allison Cho      April 26, 2010 -- 10:27 AM
Eeko world is so cool because you learn to help the earth while having lots of fun.

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