A Collection of Featured Projects
famous people

Famous People of Today and Yesterday

by Lisa Price

Who are our heroes? How do these views change over time? Guide tudents to explore heroes of our past as was well as modern day heroes. Invididually and in groups, students choose famous people to learn about, conduct research, and present their findings to the class. 

Learning from Multicultural Friends
by Doreen Toofer
Fifth grade students will explore, through an interdisciplinary approach, multicultural people in the United States. They will explore their own backgrounds, learn about some struggles groups have had here in the US, listen to a speaker and present a culture, learn about famous multicultural individuals, perform culture through visual and performing arts activities, and finally create a "Portrait Poem."
Magnets and Us
Chrisiane Brossi
This site will guide you in a scientific exploration of magnets, magnetic fields, electromagnets and their relation to our everyday lives. It examines activities, facts, fiction, and internet links to sites that will enrich your knowledge.
The Art of Optical Illusion
Frank Ashford

Let this site impress upon your third-graders the many faces of optical illusion.  Here, they will see visions to confound and surprise their eyes.  Overall the project draws the students along on the journey to journaling.  Through initially guiding the process, the lessons scaffold the writers into information collection and review.  Later, independent elements grow and prompts recede as the children complete explorations of various topics in concrete areas (e.g., Octopuses, Outer Space, M.C. Escher, and fractals) that integrate alternate subject material. 

  The Gingerbread Man Goes Around the World
by Charlotte McGovern
This project is a K-2, learner-centered, thematic unit introducing children to the classic Gingerbread Man theme including stories from around the world. As you read these stories, children will learn about the cultures of different countries.
  Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!!!
by Cynthia Melendez
Gingerbread Retellings - Working collaboratively, students contribute several clips to their Gingerbread Story Movie by writing their own version of the Gingerbread Man and creating illustrations that portray and support their writing.

Edible Gardens
by Maya Rattiner
This project introduces second graders to the idea of growing their own food.  The first step in this project is a brief introduction to Victory Gardens in San Francisco, the next step is an exploration of different fruits and vegetables and how they grow.
The Wonderful World of Art
by Ellen Tognolini
This project will be about abstract art.  We will study what abstract art is, how we can make abstract art, what tools we use to make abstract art, and study some abstract artists and their work.  We will get to see some pictures of artist’s abstract art and then make abstract artwork of our own!
Frog Families
by Renee Rausch
What if you were born a frog?  The second grade students will research frogs and their life cycle using pre-selected internet sites and the book Frogs, by Gail Gibbons. They will keep a journal with diagrams, notes, and digital pictures while watching live tadpoles within the classroom develop into frogs.

The 21st Century Kindergarten Classroom


by Michael Tillyer

This project is for all Kindergarten teachers who are looking to incorporate 21st Century skills into their classrooms. Like so much of education, Kindergarten has changed incredibly in the past two decades.  Higher standards, increased social issues and the bombardment of new media for these five year olds has created many new problems and excitements.