Learners for Life
What is a 21st Century learner? How do we know what we need to know? For me (the teacher) to ponder: Unless I am willing to do more than is required, I am probably not worth what I am paid.
DARE 2016 SlideShow

This slideshow/video shows the Waitsburg Elementary 5th grade as they participated in the D.A.R.E. graduation.  This is the second edition of this video to which music has been added. I also realized (too late for the first edition) that I had left out a very important part of the program--the "talent show."  In the interest of time (mine), rather than redo the entire video, I chose to add the "talent show" at the end of the video.  My apologies!  You are experiencing my learning by trial and error, just as we would expect students to do and accept. I hope you can enjoy this experience along with the students.  

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