Butterflies are Amazing Creatures!
Welcome to Room 4's Butterfly Discovery Page

By Mark      September 27, 2010 -- 05:37 PM
What a fun site. I honestly feel like making my third graders walk through it. I'm not sure they'd know enough about butterflies to pass that quiz, so it would definitely do them some good.

You might consider dropping in some alignment standards. The ones on ecoach are really easy to use, and it might be nice just to show what the standards are in the lesson.

Lovely site, well laid out and surely fun for the kids.

By Cathy Swanson      September 27, 2010 -- 10:14 AM
I am 62 years old and enjoyed this as much as a 2nd grader. The colors and ease of the lay out made it interesting and fun. It had just the right amount of challenge. Wonderful job.

By Sandra Ruiz      September 27, 2010 -- 12:06 AM
As soon as I saw your website, I fell in love with it! It is very well organized! I love the background and the easiness with which you flow from one category to the next. It is student friendly. Second Grade students will not have a problem navigating through your site. I love the short video on "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." That was a great idea in order to activate students' prior knowledge! Excellent job!!!

By Blake Uhles      September 26, 2010 -- 12:39 PM
Very very nice!

By Stacey Frank      September 25, 2010 -- 02:04 PM
Very impressed with your site! I love the background and I know that your students will really appreciate the color and brightness of the page. I also really like the links that are listed on your site such as the stages of a butterfly! When I taught second grade we studied butterflies and I wish I had had this site! Great job!

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