Butterflies are Amazing Creatures!
Welcome to Room 4's Butterfly Discovery Page
Learning Objectives

In the following discovery quest, students will:

1.  Research information about butterflies focusing on the following points:

A.  Major body parts

B.  Lifecycle

C.  Migration

D.  Diet

E.  Reproduction

2.  Compile a list of 10 butterfly facts they have learned.

3.  Label a simple diagram of a butterflies body parts and lifecycle.

4.  Complete the butterfly quiz at the end of their research.

5.  Present 5 out of the 10 most interesting facts they listed on their butterfly fact sheets to a classmate.

6.  Write a reflection in their journals.  The reflection can focus on their experience with using this website, doing research, some things about themselves as a learner, or some new things they learned about butterflies.