Cyber Ethics and Child Safety on the Internet
How can schools assure that students are using the Internet in ethical and safe ways?
Meet the Author

Linda Ullah

Semi-Retired Educator/Coach/Online Instructor

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation (NC State); Foothill College

University Faculty
Curriculum Specialist
Instructional Designer
Retired Educator
Junior/Community College
My Philosophy

I believe that teachers should be in charge of education and in the current political climate we must work together collaboratively to take back our profession from the politicians. The focus should be on student learning needs. I'm not convinced that the 9-3 classroom-based, brick and mortar system is currently the best system for all students. Students of all ages should have the advantage of a variety of learning experiences and opportunities including the classroom, travel. apprenticeships, field-trips, online learning, 1:1 learning, etc.  I'm not a fan of testing or grading.  We need infuse the joy of learning into all learning experiences in order to engage students in real-world learning opportunities.  I am a constructivist by nature, and train teachers to use project-based learning with technology in their classrooms. I also believe that we need to be connecting learning communities, schools, children using Internet technologies to break down the barriers and create a global learning community through global project-based learning.

My Community
Although Iíve spent most of my live and career in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley), I now live in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. 

Union County (Waxhaw area) where I live is a rural area that is being invaded my housing developments and shopping centers. It, does, however retain itís rural flavor. My home is in a woods on a lake. As I type this update to my profile Iím listening to the frogs and cicadas that serenade me each night. Charlotte is an up and coming city with some wonderful museums and restaurants. It is surrounded by small rural towns that still have a bit of 1950s charm.

My Environment
I currently part time for the NC State's Friday Institute for Educational Innovation's 1:1 Laptop Initiative. I also teach online courses for Educators through Foothill College's Krause Center for Innovation.  Before retiring, I worked for New Tech Network, a part of KnowledgeWorks, training/coaching teachers and administrators in NC and LA in project-based learnng and technology integration  Previously I worked in a community college in a program that provides technology and PBL staff development courses for teachers. I was a Technology Learning Coordinator and a teacher for Oak Grove School District in San Jose, CA for several years.  Iíve taught in a variety of settings during my career as an educator. 

My Roles and Responsibilities

In my Friday Institute (NCSU) part-time position I coach schools and districts in North Carolina that are beginning 1:1 technology enhanced learning initiatives.  This involves helping district and school leadership plan as well as helping to provide professional development. 


In my Krause Center (Foothill College) position I teach online courses for teachers.