Cyber Ethics and Child Safety on the Internet
How can schools assure that students are using the Internet in ethical and safe ways?
Assignment for Module 3

In this module we focused on child safety, netiquitte and cyberbullying. All are interrelated topics. Emerging technologies have made virtual communications common place for our youngsters. This has created a variety of very disturbing problems that we, as adults must address if we are to keep our youngsters safe. 

  • What have you learned in this module that you will incorporate into your daily work with your students to help them be good technological citizens? 
  • How will you teach them not to bully/cyberbullly others? 
  • How will you teach them to be safe? How will you work with parents to help them teach their children that cyberbullying is not okay, and to keep their children safe in an increasingly complex technological world? 
  • How will you assure that your students are learning to be good cybercitizens?