Integrating 21st Century Skills into your Curriculum
How can educators assure that their students will be ready to productively live and work in the 21st Century Global Economy?


This course is designed to help educators assure that all students are learning critical 21st Century skills. Participants in this course will examine the skills that business and industry tell us are important for students to learn in order to be successful participants in a 21st Century global economy.  They will evaluate the importance of  integrating 21st Century skills into their curriculum. During this course  they will analyze their curriculum and instructional strategies to determine which 21st Century skills they currently teach, and which additional skills they can integrate into their curriculum.  The final product will be a lesson, unit, or project that require their students to use 21st Century skills. 



Learners will:

  1. Analyze the skills that business and industry tell us are necessary for 21st Century workers
  2. Determine the characteristics and learning needs of 21st Century learners
  3. Evaluate the criteria for creating 21st Century schools and classrooms
  4. Analyze their curriculum and instructional practices in terms of 21st Century skills and practices
  5. Plan a lesson, inquiry-based unit, or project-based learning project for their students
  6. Examine the changing role of the teacher and the school for the 21st Century