Integrating 21st Century Skills into your Curriculum
How can educators assure that their students will be ready to productively live and work in the 21st Century Global Economy?
Discussion Topic for Module 1

A.  Exploration of 21st Century Skills in Relation to Current and Future Careers


1.  Pick one of the following professions (Try to pick on that no one else in this course has picked):


1) Medical and Health 12) Archaeology
2) Agriculture 13) Publishing
3) Retail 14) Travel
4) Automotive 15) Secretarial
5) Information Technology 16) Law
6) Fashion 17) Politics
7) Education 18) Religion
8) Sports 19) Manufacturing
9) Radio and Television 20) Accounting
10 Movies 21) Real Estate
11 Theater 22) Building
10) Architecture 22) Transportation


2.  Research the skills necessary to get and succeed at a job in this industry.  Which of the 21st Century Skills are required for that job or profession?  Critically analyze how well are your students currently being prepared for this profession.  What skills do they need that they are not currently getting at your school? 


3.  After you have posted your analysis.  Read the other postings, and look for common themes.  Determine which of the 21st Century skills seem to be emerging as the most critical for sucess in the 21st Century job market, and post these to the discussion.


B.  Value of 21st Century Skills in Terms of Common Core Standards


1. To what extent do you see value in teaching 21st Century skills?

2. How you can integrate 21st Century skills within your content.  

3. Should education is just the learning of content, or does it encompass more than that?

4. Do you see 21st Century skills are new skills, or as skills that have always been important educational skills?  


Remember to be prepared to defend your ideas using information from ALL the sites you’ve explored so far as well as your personal experience.