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Everything that we can tangibly see, has been made by some creative individual. What have you added to the world of divine creativity?
Art Education Testimonials

"Art is creativity and self expression. It gives great satisfaction! It is a self esteem builder! It resides in all of us in different ways and degrees. Art must be fed, encouraged, loved and supported! One is never too young or too old for enjoying the spark and magic of art" ~ Mary K.

Lowenfeld (1957) said that art "contributes to many facets of a child’s creative and mental growth. These facets include facilitating self-expression, promoting independence, encouraging flexible thinking and facilitating social interactions, as well as developing aesthetic awareness."

"I don’t know if Art will solve my or anybody’s problems, or if it will redeem my soul or save the world. But I know what my life is like without it." ~ Mick P.

"Students in music appreciation scored 63 points higher on verbal and 44 points higher on math than students with no arts participation." ~ College-Bound Seniors National Report. Profile of SAT Program Test Takers. Princeton, NJ. The College Entrance Examination Board, 2001

‎"I have always found that I am at my best emotionally and physically when I encourage my creativity. Knowing that I thought up, created and executed something that can be appreciated, even if only for myself, arouses something inexplicably joyful internally that translates into every aspect of my world." ~ Cathy B.

"The nation’s top business executives agree that arts education programs can help repair weaknesses in American education and better prepare workers for the 21st century." ~ The Changing Workplace is Changing Our View of Education, Business Week, October 1996

"Art let’s me make creative crazy things which always make me happy." ~ Anna K.

"Students in the arts are found to be more cooperative with teachers and peers, more self-confident and better able to express their ideas. These benefits exist across socioeconomic levels." ~ The Arts Education Partnership, 1999. Columbia University

"Art has no rules - this allows me to express a side of me that the general population does not always understand - always color outside the lines." ~ Amy K.

"art seizes the fullness of lived experience by describing, interpreting, creating, reconstituting, and revealing meaning" Wartin 1999