Presidents' Day Resources
Learn More About George Washington & Abraham Lincoln

Presidents Day Primary Sources & Reading Passages - Aligned to CCSS, ReadWorks

By George! It’s a President’s Day Lesson


General George Washington in Massachusetts: A thematic unit using Primary Sources


President’s Day: An Educational Virtual Museum for Primary Students


George Washington: A National Treasure - Smithsonian Institute


The Great Experiment: George Washington and the American Republic:

Teaching unit on George Washington from the National Center for History in the Schools, which includes the first published account of the myth of Washington chopping down his father’s cherry tree.


Compare & Contrast Presidents

American Revolution - Webquest - This lesson covers George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware with the Continental Army. Grades 9-12

Living History: The Abraham Lincoln  Assassination Theory - Webquest - Many think of Abraham Lincoln as being the greatest president of the United States of America. However, this respected and beloved president was assassinated. We will explore why he was assassinated. Grades 9-12


George Washington’s Big Decision - This is a lesson plan concerning Washington’s important decision as a farmer to shift the from growing tobacco to wheat.  Speaking of History Blog


Picture Lincoln - In this lesson students study Alexander Gardner’s photograph of Lincoln taken a little over two months before his death. They look for clues to Lincoln’s personality and mood, read a short biography, write a poem describing what they learned about Lincoln, and create an artwork showing his character. They also learn about Civil War photographer Alexander Gardner and 19th century photographic processes.


Four Ways to Learn About Lincoln - Scholastic. Four classroom-tested ideas to use in teaching about America’s great liberator.