Presidents' Day Resources
Videos & Presentation for President's Day Study

Happy Birthday, Mr. President - Talking Book


Father of Our Country - Talking Book


George Washington - Presentation for ESL Students


Abraham Lincoln - Talking Book


American Passages - Annenberg Media: Offers a biographical sketch of President Lincoln as an author. Also search the archive to find photos and portraits of President Lincoln, as well as other Lincoln-related artifacts.


Primary Sources: Workshops in American History - Annenberg Media: Answers the question, "Who freed the slaves?" In Workshop 4, "Concerning Emancipation." Much of the focus is on Lincoln, who played a major role. Click on "Before You Watch" for links to several of Lincoln’s speeches and letters.

America’s History in the Making: Annenberg Media: See the Evaluating Evidence interactive on the Web site for America’s History in the Making. The interactive features Lincoln’s first and second inaugural addresses, the Gettysburg Address, the "House Divided" speech, and Lincoln’s open letter to Horace Greely, as well as other artifacts from the era. Explore units 4 and 6 of America’s History in the Making to gain a better understanding of George Washington and his times.


Abraham Lincoln - PowerPoint


The Hunt for Lincoln’s Assassin - National Geographic


The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln - PowerPoint


Gettysburg Address