Learning to Blog and Blogging to Learn
Training Guide For Professionals
A. Why blogs?

Welcome to Lesson 1, segment A:

Step 1: Blogging to Learn

We begin this training by focusing on the idea that your goal will be blogging to promote learning. Not only will blogs help students learn through online communication, your teaching styles/ methods can greatly be improved! For the first part of this training, you will read this interesting blog, "Half An Hour" from Stephen Downes about blogs, blogging in education, and blogging to learn. Go ahead and click on the image below to read this blog. 


Image by Jscreationzs




That wasn’t to bad, was it? Did you find it interesting? Now that you’ve learned a little bit about blogs, lets move onto step 2 and explore information sharing.

Step 2: Information Sharing and Exploring Blogs


Ah, yes! Information sharing! As an educator, you are constantly sharing information with learners. Weather its consulting with a client or teaching a class, information sharing is happening! WEB 2.0 has created opportunities for educators to use technology and share information with one another. Blogs has created such an impact in the way people share information. Blogs allow individuals to write and share a piece of your mind. Blogs can be incorporated into many subject areas such as fashion, entertainment, education, technology and so forth. Below are some example of various blogs links. Click on each of the link to explore the many ways blogs are used.Finger that points to share button







Home Improvement



















 Image by Master Isolated Images



Now that you have seen some interesting blogs, what subject do you think you can blog about? Is there a special hobby that you enjoy? Do you want to share something you collect? I’ll give you a few minutes to brain storm some ideas. Once you’re done brainstorming go ahead and continue to step 3.


Step 3: Instructional Video on Blogs

Below is an instructional video about blogs. This video will show you how powerful blogs can be. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the video!






Go ahead and take a quick break. We’ll wait! 

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