Learning to Blog and Blogging to Learn
Training Guide For Professionals


Hello and welcome to Learning to Blog and Blogging to Learn. This instructional training was design for educators who want to learn effective teaching methods while utilizing the latest web 2.0 technologies. The purpose of this site it to teach educators to use blogs as part of a communication tool to enhance teaching and learning. Not only will you learn new tools for effective teaching, students will get to work collaboratively with one another which will create a better learning environment for the students.


Blogging is an expressive, ongoing, narrative journal that simply allows end users to write and share whatever they please. Bloggers tend to have an active audience of readers who share a common learning objectives or goal.


Once you have completed this training, you will:


1. Have a better understanding of what blogs can do and how it can benefit you as an educator, hobbyist, job seeker, etc.

2. Be able to sign up and use blogs for just about anything!

3. Conduct classroom assignments, promote student collaboration and effective teaching.




This training will be divided into 3 lessons. Each lesson will have several segments within the lesson. After each segment, you will be asked to take a break (quit for the day) or continue. If you are confused about something, you can always hit the back arrow to go back to the previous page.


This content for this training will have reading material, instructional videos, quizzes to test your knowledge, and lots of examples.



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