Exploring the Earth's Biosphere
Explore biospheres with a scientific eye
Step 3- Let's Learn about biospheres!

What is a biosphere?

A biosphere is the place on Earth where life dwells.


The biosphere is one of four spheres in the geochemical model of the planet Earth.


The other spheres pertaining to the planet Earth are the hydrosphere, the lithosphere, and the atmosphere.


The hydrosphere is all of the waters on Earth and this includes water vapor.


The lithosphere is the crust and the outer mantle of the Earth.  This includes the twelve tectonic plates in the outer mantle of the Earth.   


The atmosphere is the mass of air surrounding the Earth.  The atmosphere includes the weather and the climate.


Which sphere(s) do you think contain life?


Why do you think this?


Please discuss this with your group.