Exploring the Earth's Biosphere
Explore biospheres with a scientific eye
Step 4- The Gaia Hypothesis, Biomes and Habitats

The Gaia Hypothesis is the idea that the biosphere is a living organism itself.  In this way, the Earth itself is a living organism.

Microbes are microscopic living organisms. Microbes live deep in the Earth’s surface.  Microbes also live high in the Earth’s atmosphere.  Based on this information which of the four spheres contain life?

Biomes are large gographical areas that have distinct animal and plant groups.  Major biomes of the world include:  the Rainforest, the Alpine, the Savanna, the Chaparral, the Desert, the Desert Scrub, the Deciduous Forest, the Taiga, the Grasslands, and the Tundra.  The living things within biome depend on each other for survival.

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 Habitats are the