Read, Write and "Spit" Poetry with Me... Ms. Adebanji
Who is the poet inside of you?
Meet the Author

Cynthia Adebanji

Martin Luther King, Jr., Technology Academy

Twin Rivers Unified School District

Special Ed Teacher
English/Language Arts
History/Social Science
Performing Arts
My Philosophy

My Educational Philosophy is very simple...


"All students can learn. We as educators, must understand and we must help students understand how they learn best. Then it is our duty to manipulate the teaching environmen so all of our students can be set for success. It is my philosophy that we must teach in a manner and format that students understand... technology can help us do that effectively, efficiently, and in some cases, succinctly."

My Environment

The Sacramento Metropolitan area, also known as the Capital City, is an area filled with history as well as the new. There are many museums that show off art, the history of the railroads, as well as the settlement of the city. There are many diverse restaurants and eatery’s. Sacramento is rich with culture from the various diverse cultures that have settled here. Nestled in a valley, Sacramento is two hours away from the mountains, the beaches, and all around fun.


I teach at an inner city school in the Sacramento area. It is nice to see a million dollar technology school in the heart of the inner city.

My Roles and Responsibilities

I am responsible for quite a bit...


I am an Education Specialist. I teach 8th grade. I teach Math, English, US History and Physical Science. I am also a member of TECH EX, which is a group of teacher experts who work with the Director of IT and the IT department. We present trainings to other teachers and administrators throughout the district. The area I represent is math. The technology I am responsible to train others on is the Smart Response clickers; Senteo, PE, and XE models.  


I am also the campus coordinator of California Gear Up which is a program that helps establish a college going culture on middle school campuses. I am the person of contact for our program.


I am a member of the District Advisory Board for Special Education and Student Services. We merge and look at programs to help service our students and families.


I am a master teacher and sit on the SPED Curriculum Committee. This is a group of 5-10 teachers and administrators who are knowledgeable about curriculum. We review and determine what curriculum will be adopted to service students who receive SPED service district wide. We look at the alignment of the curriculum from Preschool to High School.