Read, Write and "Spit" Poetry with Me... Ms. Adebanji
Who is the poet inside of you?
What are Acrostic Poems?

Acrostic Poems are special poems that are written from a root word. You write the root word vertically (up and down) on your paper and write your poem using words related to the root word you have chosen. Every letter of the root word will be the first letter of each word in a line. Use single words or phrases to construct this poem.



Your Assignment- What you will do:


Looking and Learning

1. Please click here to watch the video to get the definition of  acrostic poem.


2. Please go to KidZone to see examples and more information about acrostic poems.



Preparing- Thinking

3. In your journal, write down the steps and rules you need to follow to create    

    an acrostic poem.

4. Brainstorm about yourself. Use your senses. Talk about what you see, think, 

    feel, and like to talk about yourself.

5. Brainstorm about two other things or topics you like. Use your senses.



Activity- Doing

Please go to the acrostic poem maker to write three acrostic poems.

6. Poem One- Use your first and last name.

7. Poems Two/Three- Poems about any topics or root words you choose.