Mathematics Problem-Based Tutorial Inquiry Project
How does math apply to the real world?
Project Timeline


Culminating Events/Products

Day 1

  • Students form groups and are given a mathematical problem to solve.
  • Students explain how they solved the problem step by step and show their work.  
  • Students complete a reflection of the lesson.

Day 2

  • The groups will explain how to do the problem with another group.
  • Students complete a reflection of the lesson and their proceedures.

Day 3

  • Students explain how to complete the word problem to the teacher.  
  • Teacher provides feedback and suggestions.
  • Students create a video script for solving the math problem and showing their work. 

Day 4

  • Students rehearse the video script and practice modeling solving the equation.
  • Students create VoiceThread accounts and practice using the tools.  
  • Teacher provides feedback and facilitates account creations on VoiceThread.

Day 5

  • Teacher provides tutorials on using VoiceThread.
  • Students upload thier document onto VoiceThread.
  • Students create VoiceThread rough draft of the tutorial and practice using the tools.  

Day 6 

  • Students must comment on at least one other group project.
  • Based on feedback and suggestions students create their final draft of the video tutorial.  
  • Teacher provides feedback on VoiceThread.