New Year Resolutions 2017
What will you do to make a difference this year?
Top News Stories 2016

Your Assignment:


Share your Top 3 News Stories of 2014


*What are your top 3 News Stories of 2014?


*Research stories and videos of 2014 that are important to you and choose 3 to share with other students.


*Week One: Open a Google Doc in your Google Drive, name it "Top 3 Stories of 2014" and write your own story summary for each news  story you research and include URL links to cite your sources.

 *Week Two: During our next visit together...we will

enter your summaries (by cutting and pasting them) into the Google Form embedded on your Core teacher tab to the right.


This form will be creating a spreadsheet of all the Top News Stories we submit for each class that we can read and discuss together later.



*Week Three: Create a Google Slide Presentation for your best story. Include a bibliography slide for your url citations.

*Save the Google Doc and Slide presentation inside your shared Library folder in your Google Drive.


 Share your most important news stories of 2014!



Here’s what ABC shared as the Top News Stories of 2014...

We think that there are many more Top Stories that they didn’t share...ones that will make a difference in the world for the better!

Look back at News Stories of 2014 by ABC






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