Pam Lowe's ePortfolio
What Is An Educator?

By Mark      April 20, 2012 -- 06:51 PM
I found your e portfolio very informative. Thanks for posting.

By Char      December 11, 2010 -- 04:46 PM
I like how nice your E-Portfolio is laid out. I think that e-Coach may be a go move for me as well.

By Jay      October 30, 2010 -- 08:00 AM
Hi Ms. Lowe,
Thanks for sharing. I was looking at your math presentation(division). They are very good. I am student teacher and I want to use your division family for polynomials.I did not find your contact. I would like to get your permission to use your powerpoint for my high school math class. Please let me know. My email address is

By Barb Dowler      September 16, 2010 -- 02:21 PM
Thank you for sharing this website. You are an amazing educator with a love for people and for learning - just the right combination!

By RoseMary Weaver      May 6, 2010 -- 09:20 AM
Pam, how thoughtful of you to remember a former teacher during "Teacher Appreciation Week." I am delighted to see that you continue to have a passion for learning and that you surround yourself with those who share that passion. They say that the greatest compliment is for someone to choose to do what you do, try to look like you, and to be like you. I'm confident that there are many students that model your love for learning, your responsible behaviors, and your wonderful sense of humor because you have earned their respect! Thanks so much for contacting me and sharing your joy of life and learning with me!
God Bless You!
Dr. RoseMary Weaver

By Susan      September 17, 2009 -- 10:11 PM
Your ePortfolio is fantastic... YOU are fantastic! Hopefully one day I shall be lucky enough to have as much experience and recognition and knowledge as you have now.
Thank you for sharing!

By Camille LoParrino      May 12, 2009 -- 05:55 PM
i love your eportfolio. could you explain how to get mine to look like yours?

By Bonnie Thurber      November 18, 2007 -- 05:41 PM
Thank you for sharing. I truly enjoyed learning about you!

By Jan      March 8, 2007 -- 07:45 AM
Pam, thanks for sharing your projects and portfolio. Great job. I enjoyed seeing what you are doing.

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