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Workshops and Presentations

In the past 10 years I have presented many workshops to school districts in Missouri on a variety of subjects.  There have been too many presentations to list them all here.  In the past few years, the subject of Depth of Knowledge and increasing rigor has been a popular request. . 

Some of my workshops have been:

Quality Teaching is the Key to School Improvement. I was a presenter at the New Teacher Assistance Workshop at Southeast Missouri University. There were about 100 new teachers from southeast Missouri school districts in attendance. This workshop satisfied the state New Teacher Assistance Program required for the PC 1 Certification.

Communication Arts Academy - A series of workshops at the SE RPDC.

DOK-What Does It Mean For Teachers and Students?

Dexter R-IX School  

Twin Rivers R-X School District      

Holcomb R-III School District


Dexter R-XI School District

MAP Data                                                                                                                      

Dexter R-XI School District      


Raising Test Scores                                                                                                      

Cooter R-IV School District                                                                      


Fostering Authentic Communication with Blogs

Poplar Bluff R-1 Schools 
Summer Technology Institute; 
August 9, 2006 

My e-Coach
Poplar Bluff R-1 Schools 
Summer Technology Institute; 
August 9, 2006 

The Art of Communication in Communication Arts
Branson Elementary In-Service
October 7, 2005
O’Neal Elementary In-Service
November 7, 2005

Learning About Webquests
Poplar Bluff R-1 Schools 
Summer Technology Institute; 
August 9, 2005 

Teacher Designed Web Pages
As A Classroom Tool

Poplar Bluff R-1 Schools 
Summer Technology Institute; 
 August 8, 2006
August 10, 2005

Performance Event In-Service

Graphic Organizers
Teaching Above & Behond Simple Recall 
2003 Missouri Educational Technology Conference Presentations: 

Classroom Web Sites Renovating the Classroom 
Presentation Syllabus

MAP It Out! 
Presentation Syllabus