Mrs. Blanton's Class
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Why Read 20 Minutes

"Why Can't I Skip My 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight?"

Did you know one of the most prominent indicators of a successful reader
is the amount of time spent actually reading?!

Student A reads 20 minutes 5 nights of every week.
Student B reads only 4 minutes a night or not at all!
Step 1:  Multiply minutes a night x 5 times each week
Student A reads 100 minutes a week.
Student B reads 20 minutes a week.
Step 2:  Multiply minutes a week x 4 weeks each month.
Student A reads 400 minutes a month.
Student B reads 80 minutes a month.
Step 3:  Multiply minutes a month x 9 months for the school year
Student A reads 3600 minutes in a school year.
Student B reads 720 minutes in a school year.
Student A practices reading the equivalent of ten whole school days a year.
Student B gets the equivalent of only two school days of reading practice. 
By the end of 6th grade if Student A and Student B maintain these same reading habits,
Student A will have read the equivalent of 60 whole school days.
Student B will have read the equivalent of only 12 school days.
Which do you think will be the more successful reader?