Mrs. Blanton's Class
The Magical Bears

Reading is the heart beat of our day.  We will be working on strategies to become smart readers as well as building our stamina to become strong readers. We will also be focusing on just exactly was is a just right book for us to read independently. For all successful readers they ask themselves one question you can ask yourself when reading, "what am I thinking about now?"  REMEMBER:  Reading Is Thinking! This year with our new Common Core Standards our content material of social studies, health and science will be part of our reading in language arts. 

Click on the Green Words to take you to the sites.
You can visit
FCAT Explorer at home.

Think Central is another site you can visit at home that has science and math.

Ticket To Read is a program to use at home as well.

Social Studies Weekly is also available online for reading and studying.
Publishers In Training!

Mystery Book Websites