Mrs. Blanton's Class
The Lion's Den

Reading -
Macmillan Website
This website goes hand and hand with our core instruction. Students know which week and lesson we are on. This websites have activities that will enhance spelling, vocabulary, and reading. There is something new for each week. Don’t miss out on this wonderful resource.

FCAT Explorer
Students will journey through the Oddessy Readng Adventure on FCAT Explorer. The user name and passwords are on students password cards.

This website has assignments to students that are covering skills that the student needs or what we are working on in class in reading. These are assigned by the teacher and are given a deadline for completing the work.

enVision Math Online
This website goes hand and hand with our math textbook. This s a great way to practice what we are doing in class and to provide mastery of the skills they need.

This wesbite allows teacher to assign math assignments to students to help reinforce and practice skills being taught in class.  These are assigned and given a deadline for completion.

Pearson Success Net
This site goes along with our science textbooks.  Students also have these usernames and passwords on their password cards.