Mrs. Brown's Chemistry Classes
Please do not text and drive or surf facebook and e-mail while driving. Use your smartphones wisely. The messages can wait! I donít want you to get hurt and I donít want you to hurt anyone else. Your life can change in an instant - donít make a permanent poor choice. Thank you,
First Quarter 2015-2016

Welcome to the Chemistry website


Scavenger Hunt is due on 10/9

Don't bringin the product if it is large-just label (everything should fit into baggie or small box


Element Song


Notebooks have been returned.  Please review the grade and make whatever changes are necessary for you to get a 100 next time.  There are three notebook grades in a quarter.

Check your assignments page daily to stay on top of homework and anything you may have missed.


By Tatiana      September 7, 2015 -- 05:33 AM

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