Mrs. Brown's Chemistry Classes
Please Do Not Text or play Pokemon Go while driving. The Poke Stops and Messages are not worth the possible consequences. Wait until you are out of the car. Your life can change in an instant!
3rd Quarter

January 2017


Tuesday January 17

Remember to do the Chemistry Scavenger Hunt - due on January 24th

Tuesday 1/10

Some of you have done a great job doing your assignments-classwork and homework

Some of you did not accomplish what you needed to do!

Go back and look at your goals - or write them if you still have not done that!


Sunday 1/8

I am sorry for missing so many days!  I have been terribly sick, but hope to be back on Tuesday.

I felt well enough today to update the assignment pages so please look at them and make sure you have made up any assignments you may have missed or not finished.  There will be some adjustments due to my absences and if we are off on the notebook (INB) pages, we can make those changes also.

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