Mrs. Brown's Chemistry Classes
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Fourth Quarter 2015

If you lost the papers given to you in class or you have been absent, please click on the appropriate links and complete the assignments.

The Review should be completed through 100 by Tuesday

The Part 1 Exam Take home Questions must be completed and turned in by exam day. 

Honors Exam Review Questions

Honors Part 1 Exam Take Home Questions

Chemistry 1 Exam Review Questions

Chemistry 1 Part 1 Take Home Questions


If you have turned in all assignments and still need a boost for this quarter...

Extra credit:  Look around your home and list 10 items for each of the first three questions and 1 for the last question.

1.  What can you recycle?

2.  What needs to be disposed of properly? (not just thrown in the trash)

3.  What can be thrown in the trash?

4.  What can be re-used or modified into something else to use?

(only one idea here)

Everyone has been assigned a topic for their Nuclear Energy research.  Click on the Classroom projects page for the link to your questions.  Your questions are due on 4/28.  You will not be able to make up this assignment so it will be a zero if not completed and you will receive a different assignment.  DO NOT wait until the last day.  You must have each question, source and answer on a separate index card.

There is no homework over spring break. Cool

Be kind to each other.  Make good decisions.  Stay safe.

Slow down and look around you.  Make observations of everyday life. 

Are things happening around you that you were not aware of? 

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