Mrs. Brown's Chemistry Classes
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4th Quarter 2017

Click here for Chemistry 1 final review

Your exam is on Tuesday of Exam week!!  Study and ask questions if you get stumped. 

You can turn the review in on exam day for points.

Click here for Honors take home questions for exam- due on exam day-answer completely

final question Propane + Chlorine yields 1-chloropropane + HCl

Click here for Honors final review

Click her for answers to math questions on honors review

If you still want credit for the class survey, click here and add your name to question 17!!!

April 17th

Chem 1 students - come in for test corrections Monday, Tuesday or Thursday this week

Honors Only - turn in work listed below by Thursday

Stoichiometry test correctives

Choose the problem type you missed and complete the problems assigned – they are in your textbook.

Show your work and staple to your test before turning in for credit


Mole ratio – page 320, #2a and 2b

Mole-mole – page 890, #165 and #166

Mole-mass – page 890, #169a and #169b

Mass-mole – page 890, #171a and #171b

Mass-mass – page 890, #173 and #174


Pacific Vortex Brochure is due on Friday - Remember to use the rubric given to you in class.

It is worth 37.5 test grade.