Mrs. Brown's Science Classes
3rd Quarter 2018


You should have your notebooks up to date by now.  All pages should be cut to fit and glued/taped/stapled in.  Your pages should be numbered correctly with headings on all used pages.  Your table of contents should be set up on page 2 (2 columns) and up to date.


Each day at the start of class:

1.  You need notebook, planner, and supplies

2.  Leave phone in backpack and place backpack on counter. (If there is a lab set up on the counter, them you may keep backpack at your table.

3.  Fill in table of contents

4.  Look at front boards under your class and copy homework and test dates into your planner

5.  Look at calendar for any extra information.


At the end of class, take pictures of table of contents, white boards and woksheets if you need them.

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