Mrs. Brown's Chemistry Classes
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Third Quarter January 2015

Please click on the following link and answer the questions to the classroom survey

Classroom survey

All Classes - Notebooks (Binders) are due on Monday March 9th -  (100 points)

Your table of contents is posted in class-please copy each day to make your life easier.

Research papers are due on March 2nd.  You have plenty of time (over three weeks) to work on your topic-DO NOT wait until the last minute.

Go to college to careers to start if you need help. 

Click on your career from here

Click here for the rubric if you lost your copy



The following is a list of items you need to keep in your binders.  The rest of the papers may be kept at home.


Course information sheet

Lab equipment page

Periodic Tables

Bonding Foldable

Mole Map

Chemical Equations and Reactions foldable (Honors)


Make a new table of contents for this quarter

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