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Masks are used to tell stories, teach lessons, and ask for blessings and protection.

It is an honor to be chosen to wear a mask for a ceremony.

It is believed that the person wearing the mask gets possessed by the spirit of his ancestors.



Mask Research

Look through the following websites to find the mask you wish to re-create and research. On a separate sheet of paper, do the following:

1. Write down the URL where you found the mask.
2. If the mask has a name, write it down.
3. Describe how the mask looks like (color, size, design, features). Write in complete sentences.
4. Draw a sketch of the mask you choose. Make sure to include features and colors.

Mask Websites
Baobab Project
This site features several Yoruban masks.
Detroit Institute of Arts : Permanent Collection - AONWC: African Art - Mask
This site features 3 masks from the Makonde, Mende, and Chokwe tribes.
CMCC - African Treasures from Tervuren Museum - Masks
This site features several masks listed by tribe.

culturekiosque : art market
This site features 12 masks from the European Cultural News site.

African Art. Tribal masks, sculptures, statues, bronzes.
This site features a large selection of masks with detailed descriptions.
The Art of the African Mask
This site features several masks with detailed descriptions from the Bayly Art Museum from the University of Virginia.
African Art
This site features 12 masks with detailed descriptions from the Charles Derby Collection of African Art.

This site features several masks organized by regions in Africa.


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