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Africa has the longest human history of any continent. African hominids date from at least 4 million years ago.

Africans make up over 12% of the world's population.

There are about 1,000 culture groups in Africa.




Ethnic Group Research

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Now that you found your mask, you will need to look for and gather information about the tribe where your mask is from.

Answer the following questions in your research:

1. What tribe is this mask from?
2. Where is this tribe located in Africa? (Name the country and village/city.
3. Find out more about the location of the tribe. What is the climate like? Is the area located near a body of water, mountains, desert, etc.? What is the population?
4. Find more facts about your tribe. For example, you might find information about the history of the tribe, lifestyle, language, worship, etc.


Use the following sites for your research. In addition, use classroom, library books, and encyclopedias for more information.

African Art Museum
Over 1,000 artifacts (including masks) from over 100 ethnic groups (tribes). Learn about art, culture and history of each ethnic group.
Peoples Resources
This site lists several African tribes with good information.
CMCC - African Treasures from Tervuren Museum - Masks
If you are researching a tribe from Central Africa, this site is a great resource.
Mande, Yoruba, Cameroon
Check this site out to get information about the 3 above Western African ethnic group.

Mask Information
Go to this site to learn about what African masks are used for.


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